1. What We Are About

Turningpoint – we are system integrators. We supply, install, configure and maintain your digital presence. Turningpoint has established itself at the forefront of technology and innovation, embracing the digital revolution, and therefore offering a comprehensive service to its customers. We are experts in delivering an impressive range of modern solutions to every sector, between our custom designed products and our hunger to support our clients, we are here to accommodate you the customer.

2. What We Do

Turningpoint deliver technologies offering a digital presence to our clients. By collaboration, many technologies are brought together to deliver the full solution. Our team of committed individuals have many years combined experience to deliver the best solution for you. Turningpoint is built on trust and shared vision and we are trust committed to making it easy for you to do business with us. Whilst Turningpoint retains these traditional values of honesty and integrity it remains a step ahead of its competitors by offering outstanding solutions – oriented service.

3. We Understand Customers

Our team at Turningpoint aims to surpass the customer’s expectations. Because Turningpoint is not driven by any single manufacturer, the team can offer customers sound, objective, impartial advice, leading to the best value-added solution. We don’t just want to strengthen our position, we strive to strengthen yours too. Turningpoint are not a sell and forget organisation. We understand our customers.

4. Maintaining high ethical standards

We believe at Turningpoint that it is important for us and our employees to maintain high ethical standard in order to preserve our reputation in the marketplace. Good ethics are important to ensure that we meet not only our objectives in a fair and equitable manner but our wider social responsibilities externally. In addition, we are committed to ensuring high ethical standards within the workplace.